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K-fee One Capsule Coffee Machine

K-fee One Capsule Coffee Machine

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The K-fee one capsule machine is one of the smallest capsule machines on the market. However it boasts K-fee's duo-pressure feature, allowing for pressure equal to that of professional Espresso machines, allowing for amazing Crema on all coffees. Pressure will be reduced for teas and filter coffees so that no Crema is produced. 

This machine not only looks amazing but will fit in every single kitchen as it is only 11.3cm in width. The coffee produced from these capsules will blow your mind as they have around 45% more coffee content than the typical aluminium capsules. It is truly one of the best value for money coffee machines on the market.

Each machine is sold with 6 boxes of 12 capsules.


  • Duo Pressure and Smart Brew technologies
  • 11.3 cm wide
  • Warm-up time of around 15 seconds
  • Programmable cup fill volumes
  • Water filter–compatible
  • Capsule holder (up to ten capsules)
  • Removable water tank (0.8 L)
  • Automatic shut-off (90 sec.)

Available capsules

  • Mr & Mrs Mills Trust your strength
  • Mr & Mrs Mills Share honduras
  • Mr & Mrs Mills Find your balance
  • Mr & Mrs Mills Feel the passion
  • Mr & Mrs Mills Explore the world
  • Mr & Mrs Mills Enjoy Ethiopia
  • Mr & Mrs Mills Don't rush it
  • Mr & Mrs Mills Stay classy

Each Mr & Mrs Mills Coffee capsule variety comes as 6 boxes, containing 12 capsules per box. You can also buy the Coffee pods separately in the accessories & parts collection page.


Dimensions (L x W x H) 36.6 x 11.3 x 25.4 cm
Pump pressure Up to 19 bar
Weight 2.5 Kg
Cable length 0.68 m
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